Who do you share your financial dreams with?  Are you hiding your financial insecurities?  Do you have an individual that is your financial advocate?    



Financial planning isn’t just about numbers.  We understand that money decisions can be confusing, overwhelming and uncomfortable.  But they are also exciting and rewarding!   That’s why we are here to help navigate those decisions with you.  We educate our clients about their financial decisions and work with them to create a plan for the future.  That is the most rewarding part about what we do.  Investment portfolios are important, discussing the uncomfortable “what if’s” that life could throw at us are also important, and we do all of that and more.  We are here to create an open, honest, judgement free environment to discuss your financial fears, your hopes and dreams and everything in between.  We work with our clients to create the best financial plan for them and find the best products that help us execute our plan.



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Individuals are making their financial decisions solo. Often that can feel isolating and unrewarding.  We explain different options to our clients and our goal is to celebrate their victories with them along the way!



Having a family means your financial decisions aren't just about you anymore.  Are we beginning our life together with debt?  Should we have joint accounts?  We help families answer these questions together.    

Small Business Owners


We know owning your own business is as gratifying as it is frustrating.  Can my business still function if I'm not there?  Do I need to save money if my business is my retirement plan?  We discuss these unique questions.